It is important to distinguish the different words used by the Holy Spirit to describe the Tabernacle, and to express His design.  They are variously translated in the A.V.  They are distinguished severally in the notes; and are here brought together, so that the different shades of meaning may be compared and understood.  It is called:
  1. The House. (Beth).

  2. The Tabernacle (Mishkan) = dwelling-place from shakan, to dwell:  or, habitation, indicating it as containing the presence of Jehovah in the Light, called Shechinah, cp. Ex. 25:8.

  3. The Tent ('Ohel).  Erected as a special place of worship before the Tabernacle was set up.  Hence to be always distinguished from the Tabernacle proper.  Its full title was:

  4. 'Ohel Moh'ed = Tend of assembly, or of the congregation.

  5. The Tabernacle of witness, 'ohel ha-eduth. = The Tent as containing the tables of the Law, which were an abiding witness to their covenant with Jehovah.  (See Ex. 16:32-34; 25:21.)

  6. Sanctuary.  Heb. kodesh, or holy place.

In this connection it is well to notice that congregation is 'edah, which is general; while assembly is kahal, which is more local and partial.

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