1. dunamis = inherent power; the power of reproducing itself : from which we have Eng. dynamics, dynamo, &c.  See Acts 1:8.

  2. kratos = strength (as exerted);  power put forth with effect and in government :  from which we have the Eng. theocracy, government by God;  aristocracy, government by the best;  democracy, government by the people.  The Greek enkrateia = mastery over one's self = self control, or having one's self reined in (from krateia, a rein).  This (i.e. enkrateia) is the only word rendered "temperance", and occurs only in Acts 24:25.  Gal 5:23.  2Pet 1:6.

  3. ischus = strength (as an endowment), physical strength possessed.  See, e.g. Mark 12:30.

  4. energeia = energy;  strength  (No. 3 above) put forth from within in effectual operations.  See, e.g. 2Thess. 2:9.

  5. exousia = authority. or, delegated power; the liberty and right to put forth power.  See, e.g. John 1:12.

  6. arche = beginning; then, the chief rule or ruler.  See Luke 12:11 (magistrates).

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