It will be seen from Ap. 166 that there were three separate Commissions given to the Eleven Apostles, at different times, on distinctly specified occasions and in varying words.

The first is recorded in Luke 24:47.  This was given in Jerusalem on the evening of the day of the resurrection.  It was given, not to the Eleven only, but also to "them that were with them." (v. 33).  The commission was the continuation of His own ministry and that of John the Baptist (Matt. 22:1-10).  They were all to proclaim "repentance and remission of sins".  The New Covenant had been made, in virtue of which this message of pardon could be declared. (Matt. 26:26-29.  Mark 14:22-25.  Luke 22:14-23.  Acts 3:19), first in Jerusalem, and then to all nations.  This was done by Peter (Acts 2:38;  3:19, &c.).

The second is recorded in Mark 16:15-18, and was given when the Lord appeared to the Eleven as they sat at meat;  and it was carried out by "them that heard Him", as foretold in Matt. 22:4-7, and fulfilled in Mark 16:20, as confirmed in Heb. 2:3, 4.  The Acts of the Apostles is the inspired history of the fulfillment of this commission, so far as it is necessary for our instruction.  It was given for the personal ministry of the Apostles, to be fulfilled by them before the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem.

The third is recorded in Matt. 28:19, 20, and was given on a mountain in Galilee (Ap. 169).  It was the proclamation of the King, who had left Jerusalem, according to the Parable (Luke 19:12), until He returns in power to set up His kingdom (26:64).  It is the summons to the Gentile nations to submit to the Lord Jesus, as the King of Israel, according to Ps. 2:10-12.  It is the proclamation of  "the Gospel of the Kingdom" (Ap. 140. II) for a witness to all nations, immediately before the end of the age (Matt. 24:14.  Rev. 14:6).  It is still wholly future in its application, and proclaims the judgment on the Gentiles for the final deliverance of Israel, according to Ps. 2:9, when verse 6 shall be fulfilled.

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