(Matt. 22:42).


 "King of the Jews" (wise men from the east.  Matt. 2:2).

 "Mightier than I" (John Baptist.  Matt. 3:11).

 "Son of God" (demons.  Matt. 8:29).

 "A blasphemer (certain Scribes.  Matt. 9:3).

 "Son of David" (two blind men.  Matt. 9:27) (a woman of Canaan.  Matt. 15:22).

 "The carpenter's son" (His fellow countrymen.  Matt. 13:55).

 "John the Baptist" (Herod and others.  Matt. 14:2; 16:14).

 "The Son of God" (they that were in the ship.  Matt. 14:33).

 "Elijah" (some.  Matt. 16:14).

 "Jeremiah" (others.  Matt. 16:14).

 "One of the prophets" (some men.  Matt. 16:14).

 "The Christ, the Son of the living God" (Peter.  Matt. 16:16).

 "The Christ, the Son of God" (Martha.  John 11:27).

 "My beloved Son" (God the Father.  Matt. 17:5).

 "Good Master" (a certain ruler.  Matt. 19:16).

 "The prophet of Nazareth" (the multitude.  Matt. 21:11).

 "The carpenter, son of Mary" (many hearing Him.  Mark 6:3).

 "Thy salvation ... a light ... the glory" (Simeon.  Luke 2:30, 32).

 "Joseph's son" (all in the synagogue.  Luke 4:22).

 "A great prophet" (all witnessing the raising of the widow's son.  Luke 7:16).

 "A righteous man" (the Roman centurion.  Luke 23:47).

 "A prophet mighty in deed and word" (the two going to Emmaus.  Luke 24:19).

 "The Lamb of God" (John the Baptist.  John 1:29).

 "The Messias" (Andrew.  John 1:41).

 "The Son of God ... the King of Israel" (Nathanael.  John 1:49).

 "A teacher come from God" (Nicodemus.  John 3:2).

 "A prophet" (a woman of Samaria.  John 4:19).

 "Jesus the son of Joseph" (the Jews.  John 6:42).

 "A Samaritan" and having a demon (the Jews.  John 8:48).

 "A prophet" (the blind man.  John 9:17).

 "The King of Israel" (much people.  John 12:13).

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