The following six Greek words are rendered "worship" in the A.V.

  1. proskuneo = to prostrate one's self (in reverence), do homage.  Used, therefore, of the act of  worship.

  2. sebomai = to revere, to feel awe.  Used, therefore, of the inward feelings (as No. 1 is of the outward  act).

  3. sebazomai = to be shy, or timid at doing anything.  Occurs only in Rom. 1:25.

  4. lateuo = to serve in official service (for hire, or reward).  Used of serving God in the externals of His worship.

  5. eusebeo = to be pious or devout towards any one; to act with reverence, respect, and honour.

  6. therapeuo = to wait upon, minister to (as a doctor does); hence = to heal; to render voluntary service and attendance.  Thus differing from No. 4.

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