1. phos = light (underived and absolute); the opp. of darkness.  Used therefore specially of God (John 1:4, 5;  8:12.  1John 1:5, &c.).

  2. phoster = a light, or light-giver, used of star light, and light holders or bearers. (Cp. Gen. 1:14, 16).

  3. photismos = a lighting, illumination, shining.

  4. luchnos = a portable hand lamp fed by oil, burning for a time and then going out.  See John 5:35, where luchnos is used of John the Baptist in contrast with No. 1 (phos), which is used of Christ (John 8:12, &c.).

  5. luchnia = a lampstand.

  6. lampas = a torch (Judg. 7:16, 20) fed with oil from a small vessel (the angeion of Matt. 25:4) constructed for the purpose.

  7. phengos = light (No. 1) in its effulgence, used of moonlight, except in Luke 11:33 where it is used of lamplight.  Occurs elsewhere only in Matt. 24:29 and Mark 13:24.

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